Summer is quickly approaching here in Rochester, and those humid East Coast summers call for a working AC system. Here are a few tips to prepare your AC for hot weather.

#1: Clean and Replace Your Filters

When air flows through your AC unit, dust and debris accumulate and clog your filter. This makes the filter less efficient, driving up your cooling costs and polluting your air. Make sure to replace or clean your AC filters at least once per month. If the filter is severely clogged and still passing dusty air, invest in filter replacements.

#2: Clean Your Condensation Lines

Your AC unit also has lines that allow condensation to flow away from the cooling system. The condensation and debris can clog the pipe, so make sure that the lines are clean. Clear away any debris you can see and use canned air to push contaminants out of the line, making sure it drains.

#3: Insulate Your Coolant Lines

Your AC unit also has pipes or tubes that run from the condenser to the inside of your home. To avoid energy loss, make sure that these lines have proper insulation. Purchase foam insulation sleeves or foam insulation tape to perform this insulation yourself.

#4: Check Your Ducts for Leaks

If you have ducts in your house, leaks can cause your AC system to become a lot less effective. Look for small holes, disconnected joints or pieces, or other sources of leaks in your ductwork. Seal them with strong tape to stop the leak.

These tips should help you get your AC in tip-top shape for warmer weather. If you need assistance with your heating and cooling system in the Rochester area, contact Napora Heating & Cooling today.