The 2018 Farmer’s Almanac recently reported that we may be in-store for what they described as a teeth-chattering winter.  And as any homeowner in the Rochester or Western NY area will quickly admit, exceptionally cold winters are no time to take chances with furnaces that are old, functioning poorly or energy-inefficient. Whether the prediction is spot-on or not, this is the time to start thinking about the real state of your furnace and whether or not it’s prepared, should Mother Nature unleash the fury.

At Napora Heating in Rochester, we’ve seen first-hand over the years the many advantages of having your home’s furnace inspected and tuned-up prior to the arrival of bitter cold and frigid winter temperatures.  Here are just a few reasons to have yours looked at if you’re concerned.

New Furnace during Cold Winters in Rochester NY

Allows HVAC Service Techs to Detect Minor Issues Early

Many problems associated with residential heaters tend to start small and grow in intensity over time. Having your furnace inspected by a skilled tech is a great way to catch simple issues early.  In many cases, they can be easily resolved with nothing more than a few simple adjustments, tightening of critical connections, removal of debris or replacement of a basic part.  In contrast, ignoring even the most seemingly insignificant issues can manifest problems that are far more costly down the road.

Includes Cleaning and Adjustments to Boost Performance

There’s a lot going on inside your home’s furnace, and things can get messy faster than most people think.  As a result connections that absolutely must be clean and free of dust and debris may interfere with the basic functions of your heating system.  A pre-winter furnace tune-up, inspection or cleaning can ensure that no foreign matter is posing a potential threat, while cleaning connections and other vital components for improved performance.

Can Improve Energy Efficiency for Lower Utility Bills

Older furnaces, as well as those that have not been professionally serviced or maintained over the years, will steadily begin to suffer in the energy efficiency department.  It happens gradually making it almost impossible to notice.  But as time passes you may begin to notice it running more frequently, for longer durations of time, and at heating costs that seem to get higher and higher each month.  If this sounds familiar, it’s wise to have the system inspected and tuned up before winter arrives.

Let Napora Keep Your Furnace Strong All Winter Long

If it’s been a while since you last had a professional inspect and tune-up your home’s furnace, Napora is an HVAC company Rochester NY trusts.  We provide a meticulous examination of your furnace’s internal and structural components, to ensure proper performance, safety and energy-efficient function.  Our office is located in Webster and we proudly serve the entire Rochester area.

Learn more or schedule an appointment today by calling Napora Heating and Cooling at 585-472-1164, our team is here and ready to help.