Helplessness is one of the worst feelings when it comes to your aging parents’ health, comfort, or safety. When you hear that your parents’ heater has broken down in their New York home, you might fear the worst. Luckily, you can help them resolve the problem and get their heat back on, from wherever you are in the world. Take the following steps to remedy a broken heater for your elderly loved ones, whether you live in New York or not.

Heating Emergency for Elders Rochester NY

Check the Weather

First, find out if your parents are experiencing a heating emergency in Rochester NY. This could be the case if the region expects extreme cold temperatures, snowstorms, or blizzards. In these conditions, a broken heater could prove fatal for senior citizens. If bad weather is coming your parents’ way at the same time they have a broken heater, you need emergency heat and air services.

Recommend Ways to Stay Warm

Tell your parents how they can stay warm and comfortable despite a broken heater in a home or apartment. Recommend that they wear lots of layers, wear slippers or thick socks, dress in wool, eat hot soup or drink hot tea, and let the sunshine in during the day. Staying warm while they wait for help to arrive could prevent colds or the flu.

Call Napora Heating & Cooling in Rochester

Next, let your parents know not to worry – help will be on the way shortly. Hang up and call Napora Heating & Cooling at (585) 472-1164. We are local to Rochester, New York and are happy to help elderly parents and loved ones with heater breakdowns in fall and winter. Explain  the situation, give us your parents’ address, and we’ll send qualified technicians out as soon as possible to remedy the problem. You don’t have to be present to schedule or pay for repair services in Rochester. Schedule an appointment today.