Your furnace and A/C unit play the important role of keeping your home’s air quality healthy. They're also vital parts of cooling your home during hot summer days and nights. And if you're not aware of their lifecycle and the hazards that can come with an older HVAC system, they could pose a threat to your safety.

Lifespan of Furnaces and A/Cs

You A/C and furnace fall under the HVAC unit category. They are the lifeblood of your home, regulating heat and hot water and providing quality airflow through your home. Regardless of whether you bought the house new or have been in it for quite some time, your furnace and A/C unit will require routine maintenance in the form of seasonal inspections. These procedures will look for vital signs that will determine the lifespan of your furnace or A/C unit in your home. Inspections may require a thorough cleaning of these appliances. Old HVAC unit dangers occur when a unit hasn’t been maintained regularly. While inspections are important for all homeowners, it’s especially crucial for older units. Once you’ve determined the age of your old HVAC unit, you’ll want to get an expert opinion from the contractors at Napora Heating & Cooling in Rochester, NY. Typically, a well-maintained HVAC unit will last 15 to 20 years. 

When it’s Time for a Replacement

Besides the obvious broken HVAC unit, you’ll want to replace items if you know they are old or if suggested by your contractor. But there are vital signs to look out for in the meantime:

  • Repair is Consistent - If you find yourself calling your HVAC contractor in Rochester, NY more than needed to repair you furnace or A/C unit, you should invest in a new unit. Often, with the money you use to repair the unit, you could buy a new one. 

  • Wrong Size - It’s possible to get the wrong size unit or not know that you have the wrong size already installed. Our HVAC professionals can determine this. 

  • Noise Factor - You shouldn’t hear your A/C unit or furnace make noises that beg for your attention. If you haven’t had an inspection, this is a must. More than likely, your HVAC contractor will tell you that you need a replacement. 

  • Old Parts - You probably wouldn't know unless you had a reputable HVAC professional take a look, but if your unit has old parts, it’s time for a replacement. 

If you are considering replacing your older furnace or air conditioner in Rochester, NY contact the experts at Napora Heating & Cooling today.