Anyone who has experienced the absolute disaster of a burst water pipe during the cold winter months will be the first to tell you, it’s one of the worst experiences a homeowner can go through.  The mess it creates is bad enough, not to mention how time consuming and stressful the event can be.  But when you factor in the process of locating, replacing and cleaning up afterwards, the need to take any and all precautionary measures becomes incredibly important. At Napora Heating in Rochester, we’re committed to educating or customers and WNY neighbors on easy and practical ways to prevent this all-too-common residential nightmare.       

Whether you’re a new homeowner who’s looking to prevent burst pipes for the first time, or a longtime NY resident committed to doing more as your home ages, here are some of the most effective ways to protect your pipes from freezing and bursting when the temperature plummets.

  • Run your faucets or slow drip before, during and after periods of extreme cold
  • Disconnect any exterior hoses each winter and when not actively being used
  • Seal off any leaks that may be allowing cold air to enter your home’s interior
  • Cover and seal any exterior or window air conditioner units to prevent draft entry
  • Open any adjacent cabinet doors to ensure consistent air flow and heat balance
  • Monitor your home’s ambient interior temperature and adjust as needed
  • Contact an experienced local heating professional to inspect or service your home 

For more detailed information on how to protect your home from burst water pipes, or to schedule a complementary inspection of your existing system, get in touch with Napora Heating in Rochester NY.  We have decades of professional experience, staff a team of exceptionally skilled heating experts, and offer rates that are among the most competitive in Western NY.

You can reach the Napora Heating team by phone at 585-472-1164 anytime during normal business hours, or write to us through our website’s contact form.