With summer on its way out, some of the industry’s top forecasting experts are predicting an unusually cold winter for many parts of the country, including here in Western NY.  And whether you’re new to the area and unsure of the condition of your furnace, or a long time resident who’s been putting off annual inspections and maintenance, this is definitely a smart time to make sure that your furnace is strong, functional and ready to handle anything Mother Nature sends our way.  


As one of the leading providers of residential heating repairs and service in the Rochester NY region, Napora Heating and Cooling makes it easy to ensure that your furnace is in optimal condition before the bitterly cold weather arrives.  Our home furnace inspection is comprehensive, affordable and ideal for anyone looking to avoid more costly repairs and potential failures.

  • A thorough inspection of all major components, parts and connections
  • Dust and residue are cleaned to ensure reliability and accurate performance
  • All winter furnace inspections are conducted by our team of skilled HVAC experts 
  • A sound way to identify and resolve minor issues before they become major
  • Ideal for those looking to improve energy efficiency and lower heating bills
  • Napora Heating has one of best reputations in the Rochester and WNY area

It’s easy to assume that your home’s furnace is in perfect working order, especially if things seemed fine last winter.  Time, heat and lack of use, however, can affect its performance, making it vital to have it inspected and tuned-up before the beginning of winter.  To schedule a residential furnace inspection and performance tune-up, or learn more about the benefits, get in touch with Napora Heating and Cooling today.

We’re based on Webster NY and proudly serve the needs of homeowners in Rochester and all of Western NY.  Give us a call at 585-472-1164 or write to us through our contact page.