Summer has a way of showing up sooner than most homeowners think, which often finds many paying little attention to the needs of their home’s AC unit or central air conditioner. As many have learned at the worst possible time, ignoring the needs of these complex systems is a sure fire way to find yourself scrambling for an HVAC technician during periods of poor performance or a complete systems failure. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done prior to the arrival of summer to ensure that your AC system is ready for even the most extreme stretch of heat. 

At Napora Heating and Cooling, we’re proud to be known as one of the WNY region’s most trusted and knowledgeable providers of central AC service, maintenance and repair. Here are just a few of the ways to makes sure that your home’s air conditioning is in great shape for summer.

  • Make sure that you’ve replaced your air conditioner’s filters
  • Walk your entire home to identify rooms that seem too warm or cold
  • If one level is too hot or cold, inspect your ducts for any gaps or leaks
  • Always be mindful of how often your AC is turning on and off
  • Schedule an annual AC inspection and tune up from a skilled HVAC expert
  • Don’t put off repairs thinking that they’ll resolve themselves on their own

We understand how easy and common it is to ignore the needs of your air conditioner, especially when everything seems to be working as it should. If you’ve never had your central AC tuned-up or professionally inspected, doing so annually is a smart move, especially for units more than 5 years old. For more information on how to keep your home’s AC running tip-top all summer, or to schedule an annual inspection, get in touch with the HVAC experts at Napora Heating and Cooling in Rochester, NY today.

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