If you recently purchased an older home in Rochester or the surrounding area, you might find it difficult to determine the age of the central air conditioning unit that came with your house. After checking the serial number or contacting the company that originally installed it, many homeowners are taken aback when they discover just how long it’s actually been in use. The lifespan of a central air conditioner will vary from unit-to-unit, but if you’re not comfortable with one that has a lot of miles on it, replacing it can offer a number of benefits. 

Replacing Your New Home's Old or Outdated Central AC Unit

At Napora Heating and Cooling, we specialize in central AC installations, repairs, and routine maintenance, and can help you determine whether or not a replacement or AC tune up is your best option. Here are just a few of reason why we’re one of the most trusted HVAC companies in the Rochester, NY area:

  • We offer expert central AC installation to ensure flawless performance
  • Professional inspections to determine if a replacement is actually needed
  • We carry a full selection of central air conditioners from Amana and others
  • Ongoing specials, rebates, and manufacturer incentives to help you save
  • Emergency AC service and installs, including late-night and weekends
  • Our HVAC techs are extensively trained and well-versed in many AC units

Before you rush to the conclusion that a new AC unit is your only viable option, we encourage you to call the professionals at Napora. We can inspect your current unit to determine its age, while identifying any obvious issues that might be affecting its performance or energy efficiency. In the event that a new unit is the best option, we’ll help you explore a wide range of options and assist you with scheduling installation when you’re ready.

Napora Heating and Cooling is based in Webster, NY and proudly serves the needs of homeowners throughout Rochester and the entire Western NY region. We can be reached by phone at 585-472-1164 day or night, or write to us via email through our contact page.