After the winter we all just went through, it’s almost difficult to believe that the Summer months are just around the corner. And that makes this the perfect time to schedule your annual central air conditioning tune up from Napora Heating and Cooling! Waiting until the mercury is officially off the charts is not always the best idea, as many homeowners simultaneously rush to have their AC units cleaned and serviced as soon as the temperature starts soaring.

Schedule Your Summer AC Tune-Up Before Busy Season

At Napora Heating and Cooling in Rochester NY, we know how important it is to have central air that’s reliable, efficient and capable of handling even the longest heat spells. Here are just a few reasons to call us now to schedule your AC tune-up service in time for the summer months.

  • One of the most skilled staffs of HVAC technicians in the Rochester NY area

  • We perform a comprehensive AC inspection, cleaning and performance adjustment

  • Annual summer tune ups are a smart way to prevent failure and major repairs

  • We take your health and safety seriously and wear full PPE while at your home

  • Napora is a well-established HVAC company that’s trusted by many in WNY

  • We’re based in Webster NY and proudly serve the entire Rochester region

If you’re new to the notion summer AC tune ups, or if it’s been a while since you last had your home’s central air conditioner inspected, we can’t overstate how important it is. Many major problems can be detected early during the cleaning and inspection process, ensuring no performance interruptions while preventing the need for most costly repair services.

You can reach the Napora Heating staff by phone at 585-472-1164 anytime during regular hours, or via email by writing to us through our website’s secured contact page.