The heart of summer is the most dreaded time to have your home’s central AC stop working, as the demand for service and new installations is always at its highest. Depending on how many homes are dealing with cooling issues at the time, it may take several days or longer to get a tech to your house. The frequency at which this tends to happen can be traced back to homeowners who didn’t notice the warning signs of a damaged central air unit, or who chose to ignore them… hoping it was nothing too serious.

Central Air Service in Webster NY

Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent an all-out AC failure. If you’re concerned that there might be something amiss with your central air, here are a few of the most common signs to look for.

Poor Performance

Poor AC performance can take several forms and it’s important to be responsive if you notice any of them. It may be taking forever to cool your home to a bearable temperature, or turning on and off at strange intervals. When the unit does kick on, it may not run for long enough or fail to shut off once the desired temperature is reached. These are all signs that, at a minimum, you need to have the unit looked at and possibly tuned-up to compensate for age and any worn components.

Strange Noises from Unit

Everyone should pay attention to the sound their central air unit makes after being professionally installed, as this is what it should sound like under optimal conditions. Any strange noises such as hissing, clicking, thudding or others are a telltale sign that something is either broken, failing, or at the cusp of causing more serious and costly problems. Have your unit thoroughly inspected by a qualified HVAC company as soon as you can.

Unexpectedly High AC Bills

Central air conditioners are designed to operate in an efficient and consistent manner when properly maintained. When basic service and maintenance go ignored, like all complex machines they become sluggish and less efficient. If you’re noticing that it takes longer to cool the house or that your summer AC bills are skyrocketing, it’s highly advisable to call for a cleaning, tune-up and inspection. Often, simple adjustments and replacement of connectors can make a significant improvement.

Call Napora for a Summer Central AC Tune-up

If anything sounds a bit too familiar for your peace of mind, we invite you to call the HVAC company Rochester NY trusts. Napora has been serving the area since 2006 and we offer some the best rates in Rochester and the surrounding region. Our Summer AC Tune-up Service is a fast, easy and affordable way to catch any problems before they become catastrophic.  It includes a full inspection, detailed cleaning and adjustment of internal components, and any service suggestions found during the process.

Learn more about the benefits of having your central air inspected before summer arrives, or schedule an appointment by calling Napora Heating and Cooling in Rochester NY at 585-472-1164.